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Kept me on the edge of my seat to the point I stayed up till a. Four star read on this one! View all 4 comments. Mar 16, Kimberly rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal , death , books-i-own , pages-read-challenge , weird , gore , mount-tbr. Complete with your token backwoods family--although this one DOES have a few differences than most--your group that gets "lost in the woods", and the horror and torture that ensue.

What starts out as a "vacation" to get to know each other better, very quickly changes pace when they come across something. I have to say that while this novel did have some key differences from others of its kind especially towards the end , for the main part, it starts with the usual formulaic sequences. Considering that there really isn't much to change one's view of the events that are anticipated to come, I would have liked to have seen some really stand-out characters to bring the story alive in a different manner.

Unfortunately, I never connected to any of them, and found their personalities to be very predictable and cliched overall. Ashley wasn't sure what the difference was between a forest and just woods, but it seemed an inadequate description for the mass of trees that sprouted from the hilltop. If you're looking for a book that delivers exactly what the title states, this does that. I just didn't feel it had enough of a "lasting" effect for my personal tastes. Still, a solid story for those looking for precisely that. View all 3 comments. Dec 11, Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: horror-murder.

This book is not for everyone. I thought it was great. I went into thinking it was going to be about some cannibals living in the woods but it was much more than that. Four friends are on a hike in the woods when they find a body. Worried the killer might still be around, one wants to head back. One wants to continue and get help in the next town. One wants to bring the body.

The situation devolves from there. If only they knew what was coming next. If only they knew one o This book is not for everyone. If only they knew one of them was not to be trusted. Then they meet The Family Or before you go to sleep. Or with the lights out. Aside from that, happy reading!

View 2 comments. Oct 26, John rated it liked it Shelves: ha-tbr-challenge , ha-pages-read , owned-books. Too much gal-stuff for my taste, but still a worthy read. Jun 06, Dez Nemec rated it really liked it Shelves: , horror. This book pulls no punches.

I swear, I am never going into the woods again after reading so many books like this. I don't even think I could live near woods.

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A few weeks ago, I was at a client's house surrounded by woods after dark and could not keep myself from rushing to get out of there! He muses that the group was " Not just death, but torture and pain beyond their wildest, most vivid nightmares. There are a couple places where I thought I may vomit.

Some of the stuff was pretty brutal. But if you have a strong stomach, and like weird stuff this is it. Because these aren't your typical hillbilly cannibal folk. This is my second Lee Mountford book and both were very good. Highly recommend this one! Sep 18, Brandon rated it it was ok.


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Uninspired and boring retread of many books that came before it. Sure, it's gory and fast-paced, high points for me, but it's a barebones version of things much preferred. Aug 03, Dixie rated it liked it. I will try this author again though. Aug 22, Andrew Bass rated it liked it. Way way WAY too disgusting for my tastes, but well written nonetheless. Mountford knows how to write. Jun 18, Patricia Ward rated it really liked it.

Creepy Great story about hikers being attacked by cannibals in the woods. Bad table manners and dysfunctional family values. Very exciting. Jun 15, Janice Sheppell rated it did not like it. Spelling Nothing will turn me off a good story like the poorly edited one. I see that a lot in ebooks.

Stops me cold.

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Or words used improperly. That changes the whole meaning of the point you are trying to make. Now I'm not speaking about the differences between U. English and British english, I know the difference. I would like to read this story in the future. Please edit and re-submit. View 1 comment. Jan 09, Martin d. Jones rated it it was ok. Kinda dumb. Also riddled with grammatical errors. Besides the story being cheesy as hell, this book was not proofread. Holy crap, how frustrating!! I'm still a fan of the genre, and I liked "The Demonic," so I'll give this author another shot.

Absolute rubbish Unbelievable nonsense. Shallow underdeveloped characters. Poor writing and overuse of the word hell in the middle and start of a sentence. Jul 26, Kevin Potter rated it it was ok Shelves: abandoned. Here we have a reasonably well written book featuring a popular horror concept and a heavy focus on disgusting gore, but sadly lacking any real character development.

As I've come to expect, Hannibal Hills gives us another impeccable performance that is a joy to listen to. His voices are excellently crafted, and while his female voices do leave the tiniest bit to be desired, I have no complaints. As always, his vocal inflections and tempo changes were spot on.

My one narrator issue with this book Here we have a reasonably well written book featuring a popular horror concept and a heavy focus on disgusting gore, but sadly lacking any real character development.

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My one narrator issue with this book is that it's a little off-putting to listen to a male voice narrating a female-led book. Now, as a fan of films like The Hills Have Eyes and Wrong Turn, I was pretty excited to read a book with what seemed a similar concept. However, it becomes apparent quite quickly that the concept isn't that similar. There is a shift to the concept that in an effort to avoid spoilers I will not discuss. Suffice it to say that for me this shift made the book far less than enjoyable. Not because of the shift itself, but because of how the shift affected the presentment of the villains and their personalities.

I struggled to connect with the main character. Not because she wasn't likable but because we just don't know anything about her. The story opens on a trek through the wilderness to get her friends and her new boyfriend to connect. But her entire character consists of being meek and being Tim's girlfriend.