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Water Filter your drinking water; in fact, install a filter on your shower head so as not to ingest the chemical-laden water into your body through the skin either. Dirt Food that is locally produced can get to you quicker and is likely to be fresher. They may be full of hormones used to induce growth and increase profits They may have antibiotics which kill the good bacteria as well as the bad They may have been sprayed with pesticides that are toxic to the microbiome They may be genetically modified GMO such that our gastrointestinal tract cannot digest them Most of the healthy fibre or nutrients may have been removed We are talking here about gluten, dairy, refined carbohydrates, typical processed foods, GMO foods, and artificial sweeteners.

Healing secret 6: Fast The thought of fasting What? Healing secret 7: Adopt a gut-friendly lifestyle Findings are emerging that most of us live in a too-sterile environment, except for the many chemicals and medications, which turn out to be far worse for us, and for our guts, than we ever imagined.

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Get down and dirty — and flag the soap? Summary It may not be for the fainthearted, but the rehabilitation of an unhealthy microbiome is possible through altering both diet and lifestyle to reflect a more gut-friendly approach to living.

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Mercola, J.


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Live cultured yogurt, kefir, aged cheeses, and lassi

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Ainsworth, M. Patterns of attachment.

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  • Apsychological study of strange situations. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Albano, A. Cognitive behavioural therapy for social phobia in adolescents. Stand up, speak out. Therapist guide. Oxford: Oxford University Press.